I like realism and I like to work on paper. In college I developed a technique of combining watercolor and ink hatching. I like the texture of the ink hatching, plus I can achieve rich, dark tones that I cannot create with watercolor alone.

I usually go on a few photo walks during the spring and summer to get images for drawings. I am trying to capture everyday life.




I first outline my drawing in pencil and then in ink.

I use a fine tip rapidograph pen.










Next I paint in areas and details with watercolor.


Several people have told me that my drawings are photos that I have modified on computer using Photoshop filters.

No, this is not true. My drawings are done by hand.






Then I hatch over the watercolor with small ink lines.










Sometimes I add more watercolor over the ink hatching to get richer color.










Highlights are achieved using a small ink eraser which brings out the white of the paper.

I do not use any white opaque paint.









Each drawing takes 60-70 hours to complete.