Citroen 2CV6 Special Linocut

Color Reduction Linocut Process:

This linocut print was created from two blocks of 9×12 inch linoleum, with six separate printings for the individual color layers. I hand-carved the lino for each color layer and pressed each print by hand with a baren and wooden spoon. This is a limited edition of 13; no more prints can be made, as each previous carved layer is destroyed by carving for the next layer on the same block. (Yes, it can be a real mind-bender.)


1) Fuchsia, on Block A

2) Red orange, on Block A

3) Light cyan, on Block B

4) Yellow green, on Block A

5) Lavender, on Block B

6) Gray and Black, on Block B

I used Caligo Safe Wash oil-based relief printing ink, mixing process colors to make the colors I desired. Paper is Stonehenge Cotton Fiber 90 lb. printmaking paper. Battleship gray art linoleum. Each print is an original.

  • Year 2020