Ink and Watercolor on Paper
15″ x 20″

The reference image for this drawing is from a slide taken of our driveway in Germany in 1988.

We owned this Renault 4. It was such a fun, but basic, vehicle. The stick shift was like a cane that came out of the dashboard. It did not have a glove compartment like most cars; instead, there was a shelf where you could set your small items.

We lived next door to a Getränkemarkt, a shop that sold bottled beer, wine, juice, and mineral water. Solvei took this photo from our kitchen window when the beer truck was parked in the neighboring driveway.

We traveled to Germany last December to visit old friends, which inspired us to dig out some slides from 30+ years ago to scan. This is one of our favorite images of the R4.

  • Year 2020