Soon after we moved to St. Paul, I was out walking in our neighborhood with my camera, and I spotted these two rabbits hopping along a path. They paused and remained still as I walked by. It was the strong backlighting on the rabbits and the trees which caught my attention. I used my photos from that day as a reference for this linocut. I wanted to do a simple black high contrast image. I worked very slowly carving the linoleum, spending a lot of time on the grass to catch all the subtleties of the shade.


“Rabbits in the Grass” is the largest linocut print that I have made so far. For this linocut I carved one 12×16 inch linoleum block, and used one color of ink, black.

It is an edition of 20 prints, each inked by hand with a 7-inch roller, and each hand pressed using a glass baren. Made in 2022. Caligo Safe Wash Relief Printing Ink, Legion Stonehenge Cotton Fiber 90 lb. (250 gm) Paper. Battleship Gray Linoleum.

  • Year 2022