Evening Buds Linocut Process

This linocut print was created from five separate blocks of 9×12 inch linoleum, with seven separate printings for the individual color layers. This will allow me to revisit the blocks later to print a variety of color combinations. I hand-carved the lino for each color layer and pressed each print by hand with a baren and wooden spoon.

Color Layers:

1) Dark Red Violet
2) Muted Red Violet
3) Green, with Green gradient on buds
4) Varied Multicolor gradients on buds
5) Yellow Green on stems
6) Black (Dark Blue Green), with varied gradients on buds
7) Red Center with Highlights on far-right bud

I used Caligo Safe Wash oil-based relief printing ink, mixing process colors to make the colors I desired. Legion Stonehenge Cotton Fiber 90 lb. printmaking paper. Battleship grey art linoleum.

  • Year 2021